Different Size EVA Yoga Roller

Activate before training and relax after training.
Foam axis is an essential equipment in exercise.
It activates muscles before training to make them more effective, and relaxes muscles after training to reduce soreness.

Product Details

Different size EVA yoga roller

1.Product introduction

Three-dimensional trapezoid massage point, palm imitation finger design, a variety of contact experience, massage master enjoyment.

Moderate soft and hard, strong buffering, environmental protection and high density EVA material, rich in cushioning and elasticity, protect your body.

Durable, environmentally friendly process, built-in compression hollow pipe, double thickness design, double bearing.

2.Product specification

1. Material:

EVA+with PVC Tube

2. Color:

Mix colors

3. Size:

33x14/ 45x14/61x14cm

4. Logo:


5. MOQ:

500 pcs

6. Sample Time:

(1) 3-7 working days-If need customized logo.

(2) Within 2 working days- for existing samples

7. OEM Service:


3.Product feature and application

Relax the thighs (beautify the lines of the legs), keep your body steady, don't hold your breath, roll the gators back and forth, and do 3 sets of 40 seconds each.


Relax the waist (beautify the waist line), keep the body stable, do not hold your breath, roll ht back and forth, do 3 groups, each group 40 seconds.


Relax your neck (to relieve pressure on your neck), keep your body steady, don't hold your breath, and roll back and forth on yuganju. Do 3 sets of 40 seconds each.


4.Deliver.shipping and serving

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