Yoga Mat Background

- Nov 13, 2018 -

Yoga is suitable for all kinds of people. There are many kinds of yoga mats for accompanying practitioners, but what is the material of yoga mats? The eco-friendly yoga mat is made of natural latex, natural rubber and other natural materials. The yoga mat should be soft and flexible. Commonly used are TPE, PVC, EVA and natural rubber.

Nowadays, almost all the yoga studios provide the practitioners with a public yoga mat. The practitioners can practice directly. This is a very worry-free thing, but I don’t know that the same practitioners in the previous group are also the same as you are barefoot and lying. Hey, how many strangers' sweat and dandruff remain on it. Is the cleaning of the yoga studio going through? Sharing a yoga mat with many people, as if lying on someone else's site, strange and uneasy.

If you choose a suitable and satisfactory yoga mat, it is actually very easy.

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