Type Of Yoga Mat

- Nov 13, 2018 -

The main components of TPE foamed mats are TPE and EVA and synthetic rubber. The production cost is relatively high, the production process is high, and the industry has high barriers to entry. The product quality is good, elastic enough, soft and anti-slip effect. It is plastic-free and easy to decompose. It is a relatively promising product and is very popular among environmentalists. TPE mats are currently available in 10 mm thick.

PVC foamed mats are more extensive, the price is relatively cheap, the colors are diverse, the production cost is low, the process is simple, and it is easy to make the logo according to the requirements of customers, which is deeply loved by the public. The disadvantage is that plastic products are not easily decomposed naturally and pollute the earth.

EVA's mats are also environmentally friendly, low-cost and high-end. The low EVA is too soft and too heavy. The high quality is very good, but the thickness can only be 4 mm. The Middle East market prefers EVA mats.

Latex pads usually have a layer of hay on their surface, costing PVC mats and TPE mats. It is also considered a product of environmentally friendly earth. The US market likes more.

The CBR mat is too heavy and the cost is not low. Wear-resistant, slippery, odorless, usually black.

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