TPE Yoga Mat

- Nov 13, 2018 -

TPE is the most high-grade product of yoga mat products. It does not contain chloride, contains no metal elements, and is antistatic. Each mat is about 1200g, which is about 300g lighter than PVC foam mat. It is more suitable for carrying out. General thickness 6mm-8mm

Features: soft, compliant, strong grip - placed on any ground is relatively secure. Compared with the PVC mat, it weighs about 300 grams and is more convenient to carry around.

Reminder: The price of yoga mats for TPE materials is high.

The advantages of TPE pad are light weight, easy to carry, easy to clean, excellent in slip resistance in both dry and wet conditions, and there is no smell when the mat TPE material has high purity. Most PVC foamed mats have some taste due to process and cost, and there is no way to remove them. Even if some products have no taste, it does not mean that their composition changes or some harmful substances do not exist unless they have been tested by the standards of the exported products.

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