Yoga ball fitness exercise

- Nov 13, 2018 -

1. Raise the ball to the chest with both hands and rotate the upper body. This action can be stretched to the arms, waist, hips and legs, and the movements are slow to fast, which is the warm-up action of the whole set of ball exercises. Action points: It is necessary to raise the ball in front of the chest with both hands. If the arms are drooping, the movement effect will not be good.

2. Two-step, two-step jump, holding the ball in the air with both hands. The main purpose of the action is to stretch the body, stretch the muscles as much as possible, and also exercise to the abdomen. Action points: Try to stretch your body to the maximum extent, otherwise the effect will not be significant.

3. This action adds a Latin-style dance step, with one hand holding it up, and gently hitting the hip with a hand-held ball. Combining Latin with arrogance and femininity, it is very interesting to jump, and the ball is gently hit on the buttocks. It is said that there is also the effect of relaxing muscles. Action points: Hold your hands as close as possible to your body.

4. With your hands on your hips, clip the small yoga ball between the big and small legs to open and close. This action needs to maintain the height balance of the body. The angle of the ball is preferably 90 degrees. The movement is difficult, but the effect of lifting the hip is remarkable! The main points of action: Slowly do the leg movements to keep the body stable and balanced.

5. This action is done on a yoga mat. Lying flat on the yoga mat, doing the leg lift, and using your yoga ball to reach your knees, enough to put your knees down and raise your arms. The action not only exercises the abdomen, but also exercises the muscles on your arms. Action points: Straight legs should be straight.

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