Four yoga ball exercises

- Nov 13, 2018 -

First, standing

1. One leg is pressed on the fitness ball, and the two arms are bent and crossed to the back of the head. The whole body is slowly extended to the left side, repeated many times, and the side is changed. Exercise the waist and have the effect of skinny legs and arms.

2. Separate your legs as much as possible, lift your left arm, slowly extend your body to the right side, hold the ball with your right hand until the left arm is parallel to the ground, take a deep breath, and keep your posture for a few seconds. This action can increase the strength of the entire back.

Second, the upper body kneels on the ball

Straighten your hands to support the ground, legs together; stretch your back, lift one leg to the highest possible position, then lower it and change to the other side. It has the effect of stovepipe and thin buttocks.

Third, sitting on the ball

The legs are close together, the hands are lifted up, the ten fingers are opposite, the deep breath is taken, the abdomen is chested, and the whole body tries to lift upwards. Thin waist, tall and straight.

Fourth, lying on the ground

The legs are close together, the left leg is placed on the fitness ball, and the right leg is arched perpendicular to the ground, lifting the upper body upwards and forming a straight line with the left leg. Take a deep breath and keep your posture for a few seconds. It enhances the flexibility of the entire body.

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