Introduction to camping hammock ​

- Nov 13, 2018 -

The hammock tent is a camping item that combines the characteristics of a hammock and a tent. It is actually a hammock that can be hung, but only a few tops than a hammock. Hammock tents need to be built between triangular trees to prevent the risk of falling. In addition, there are certain difficulties in climbing into hammock tents.

The hammock tent, also known as the HammockTents, is designed for camping enthusiasts who have tired of traditional tents. Sleeping in such a hanging tent, it can be integrated with nature without having to "close contact" with the rugged ground. It is the best choice for camping in the wild. This technology was used as early as during World War II, when the US military was armed with jungle camouflage hammock tents. Hammock tents in the early 21st century are much more luxurious than that. They are more like the sleeping bins used by the Naomi Stars in the movie "Avatar."

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